Catchment Area

Catchment area 90 min.

24,0 Mio.
Purchasing power:
Euros 434 Mio.

90 Min. Population value in comparison

FOC European average: 7.1 Mio

Western Europe FOC
Average: 6.2 Mio

Duisburg: 24 Mio
European Ranking: 2

90 minutes buying power

European FOC: average € 118 Mio
Western Europe FOC: average € 128 Mio

Duisburg: € 434 Mio

European Ranking: 1

The majority of the centers with a big potential in purchasing power in a catchment area of 30 to 60 minutes is in and around Paris. Nevertheless, after that the index of population density does decrease in the metropolis of Paris. Due to this Duisburg can be classified as an exceedingly strong location.

The purchasing power of the location Duisburg in catchment areas of 30 to 60 minutes lies  about 14% above the European average. The purchasing power in a 90 minute catchment area lies around 9% above the European average for outlet centers.